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Dallas, TX, US

American Airlines Center


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Nov. 2, 2022

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The National Hockey League seeks to hire Off Ice Officials based in or near Dallas, Texas. NHL Off Ice Officials will be assigned to work game days in a variety of roles to support both the home and away teams playing at United Center. An effective Off-Ice Official will possess a strong hockey background, deep knowledge of NHL rules and understand the intensity, competitiveness and the high skill level of NHL Players.

The core hours of this position are two hours prior to game time until the game is complete (approximately 5 hours total per shift) and all tasks finalized. The role requires an individual to have the availability to work from September to June primarily nights and weekends and some holidays. Additional hours may be required.

Although duties and responsibilities vary based on the position assigned, in general, an Off-Ice Official is responsible for the collection, accurate recording, and expert interpretation of the game statistics, timing, reviewing and recording game results, such as:
  • Timing the game from stoppage to stoppage. Resetting the clock when necessary. Monitoring that the clock is functioning properly. Timing of intermissions. Timing of both official and commercial time-outs.
  • Timing of all penalties assessed by the On Ice Officials. Ensuring that penalties are recorded accurately in the NHL records. Ensuring players are released at the appropriate times from the penalty box. Assisting the On Ice Officials with determining the on-ice strength when multiple penalties are assessed.
  • Managing the penalty box area in conjunction with the Penalty Timekeeper. Releasing players at the appropriate time at the expiration of their penalties. Replacing game pucks when they leave the ice surface and/or at other times per League guidelines. Maintaining a backup stopwatch for the game clock. Monitoring the video replay headset for all video reviews and/or coach’s challenge required and/or game clock adjustments.
  • Managing the television commercial time-outs based on established League guidelines. Communicating with the broadcasters, the On-Ice Officials and fellow Off-Ice Officials when commercial time-outs are upcoming and when they are about to be completed.
  • Illuminating the red light when the Referee signals that a goal has been scored.
  • Making the official decision on all goals, including the goal scorer and those worthy of receiving an assist. Reporting this information to Off-Ice Official responsible for entering information into the scoring system and to the Public Address Announcer. Reviewing all scoring plays on video to ensure accuracy.
  • Accurately interpreting the events of the game and recording them in the League scoring system. Making instantaneous decisions on hits, shots, missed shots, blocked shots, giveaways, takeaways, goals and assists, penalties and other pertinent game events.
  • Verbalizing events so that nothing gets missed by those entering them into the scoring system computers. Reviewing events on video to verify decisions or to make changes for accuracy.
  • Reviewing all close plays at the net and communicating effectively with the technician, the On-Ice Officials and the NHL Situation Room to accurately determine the legitimacy of all goals and potential goals.
  • The qualified applicant will have successfully completed a post-secondary education and have significant knowledge of hockey, preferably as an On-Ice or Off-Ice Official, as a player or as a coach, either at the Professional, Major Junior, College or Minor Professional level.
  • They will have significant understanding of scoring systems used in professional sports leagues and an excellent understanding of the playing rules pertinent to the NHL.
  • The ideal candidate will have strong computer skills, including but not limited to MS WORD, EXCEL and POWERPOINT.
  • Current understanding of the NHL Hockey Information and Tracking System used for scoring and statistics (or the ability to learn the system) a must.
  • Should have the ability to read, interpret and understand the playing rules, bulletins, policies and procedures as distributed by the NHL as well as be able to operate video review equipment, communication equipment and other technology introduced by the league to effectively officiate the game.
  • Successful candidate must be able to work effectively within a high pressure, time sensitive environment with extreme focus and concentration.
  • They should also exhibit strong organizational and time management skills, strong communication skills, both written and verbally, and must be able to work effectively in a team environment.
  • The ability to demonstrate a calm demeanor, discretion and professionalism always, and especially in potentially emotional situations is critical in this role.

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